Diving Holidays In Indonesia


Indonesia is made up of more than 10,000 islands and located near the equator, it would not come as a surprise that Indonesia is an ideal place for diving holidays. With that said, here are some dive sites in the country worth checking out.

Komodo Island
Anyone who had diving experience in Indonesia would be familiar with Komodo Island by name at least. Despite being known first and foremost for housing the largest lizard species in the world – the Komodo Dragons, diving holidays are also very popular here, especially after the Komodo National Park was made a world heritage site since 1991. Common marine life in the region includes a variety of critters, manta rays, sharks, dolphin, napoleon wrasse, whales and turtles.

Raja Ampat
Raja Ampat, meaning ‘four kings’ in Indonesian, is an archipelago of majestic islands located in eastern Indonesia. Very much unexplored until recent years, Raja Ampat is one site for diving that will make you feel like a pioneer of sorts. Being located at the epicentre of the coral triangle enables the archipelago to have one of the most diverse marine lives on the planet; bumphead parrotfish, manta rays and sharks are some of the commonly sighted marine lives when diving here at Raja Ampat.

Wakatobi is yet another four-island archipelago in the list, but located in southeast side of Sulawesi. The region is unique for its fringing reefs, barrier reefs and atolls, meaning corals of both soft and hard are in abundance and does not lack for marine life diversity. Pygmy seahorse, spotted eagle ray, giant frogfish and ornate ghost pipefish are just among the many others to be seen here. Relatively new and unexplored despite being long habited, diving here at Wakatobi might prove to be more than just a regular diving holiday.

Sulawesi has another Indonesian diving holiday attraction to offer in the form of Bunaken Marine Park – where magnificent coral reef walls of more varieties than most of the world call home, and in turn guarantees abundance of marine biodiversity. Green turtle, spotted eagle ray, white tip reef shark, dugong, barracuda and napoleon wrasse among the commonly sighted marine life here.

Kalimantan is a rather remote corner for diving holidays in Indonesia, but well worth it should drift and muck diving in Derawan, which is the highlight here, is what you are looking for. The beautiful waters here are filled with larger marine life, such as pelagic thresher shark, scalloped hammerhead shark, manta rays and many other varieties of big fish.


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