Diving in Bangka Island


Bangka Island is located at the North of Sulawesi. Dive sites surrounding Bangka Island is known for its underwater topography with pinnacles, gorges and swim throughs. Very often, pinnacles and bommies off these sites are covered in soft corals and critters. Common critters to be found are pygmy seahorses, nudibranchs, blue ring octopus, boxer crabs, frog fish and many more. If you are lucky, you might encounter with Dugong. 

Batu Goso
Batu Goso has a series of steep pinnacles rising up from the ocean. Waves can be seen crashing against the pinnacles as you approach the dive sites. Starting at opposite ends of pinnacles, you drift around and through coral covered pinnacles with moderate slope beneath them.  

Dive Range: 5m - 35m
Dive Type: Drift dive 
Current: Strong
Highlights: White Tip & Black Tip Sharks,Turtles & Groupers, Yellow, green and red soft corals.

Sahaung has a series of underwater boulders and pinnacles that barely break the surface of the ocean. These pinnacles has continuously sloping bottom with several shelves as you descend. 

Dive Range: 5m - 35m
Current: Strong 
Highlights: Big table coral, often with sharks resting under them, Green and purple soft coral, Jack, Dog Tooth Tuna, Barracuda, Red Tooth Triggerfish, and huge school of Blue Striped Snappers.

Batu Mandi
Located off the shore of Pulisan, just opposite of Bangka Island off the northern tip of Sulawesi. A series of pinnacles rises from the sandy buttom filled with hard and soft corals and numerous reef fish

Dive Range: 5m- 25m
Current: Medium
Highlights: Pigmy sea horses, Cuttle fish, frog fish

Batu Pendata
Batu Pendata is located on the east side of Batu Mandi. Diving at this site can be challenging due to the strong current and negative entry.  There are several large submerged rocks with one pinnacle up out of water, situated on a reef plateau- 50 feet deep. A drop off with canyons where you can observe many sweetlips, dogtooth tuna, jacks, and sharks.

Dive Range: 25m
Current: Strong 
Highlights: Sharks, Jacks, Dogtooth Tuna, Sweetlips

A resident school of Blue Stripe Snappers can be seen as you decent. Between the corals lives a whole array of nudibranches and  several types of Pygmy Seahorses can be spotted. You will spent your safety stop looking at huge sea fans scattered across the reef slope. 

Current: Medium
Highlights: Nudibrach, Pgymy Seahorse, seafans, night dive 

Paradise Pier
This is one of the most famous dive sites in this area. A pure, black sand muck dive located around the jetty of the abandoned Paradise hotel.Critters like Frogfish, Seahorses and different types of Cephalopods can be seen. The pillars of the jetty are overgrown with sea fans and a school of Batfish.

Current: Weak
Highlight: Muck diving


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