Why You Should Dive Raja Ampat At Least Once


Raja Ampat has been gaining popularity over the years among divers although it is still very unknown to non-divers. Located in New Guinea, the province of West Papua Indonesia, it comprises of over 1,500 small islands.

Raja Ampat Diving Holidays


Why is Raja Ampat the dream diving destination for divers?
Raja Ampat is known to have the richest tropical coral reef bio-diversity in the world. It has over 1000 species of fishes, 540 species of hard corals, 4.6 million hectares of reef, seagrass, beds, mangroves and rocky coastline.

This great bio-diversity has attracted divers from all over the world.


Best way to explore Raja Ampat
With over 40,000km2 of land and sea, the best way to explore Raja Ampat is from a Liveaboard However, Liveaboard in Raja Ampat doesn’t come cheap. It is actually one of the most expensive liveaboard diving destinations in Asia due to its remoteness.

Getting to Raja Ampat
Getting to Raja Ampat is not the easiest as there is no direct flights due to its remoteness.

Sorong airport is the gateway to Raja Ampat. Most liveaboards if not all will embark and disembark in Sorong. You can catch a direct flight from Jakarta or Manado.

However, flying from Bali would requires two legs and an overnight stay after arriving from your international destination; first a 75-minute flight from Denpasar (DPS) to Makassar (UPG), and a two-hour-and-ten-minute fight from Makassar to Sorong on the next day.

When to go
You can literally dive in Raja Ampat though out the year. However the sea gets a little rough during July and September. Having said that, divers still flocks to Raja Ampat during this period.

Duration of trip
Most Liveaboard trips are between 6nights – 10 nights. However, you can find trips up to 14nights if you really want to explore Raja Ampat.


Misool Island

Misool Island is one of the four main island in Raja Ampat with a total area of about 2,034 km². The main town of this island is called Waigana. Misool offers an outstanding coral reefs and exotic flora and fauna. The sea around the island is houses many rare species of Manta Ray, turtle, harlequin shrimp and pygmy seahorses. Diving visibility is about  25m and depth ranges from 5m to 40m. 

Salawati Island

Salawati Island is one of the four main islands in Raja Ampat wtih a total area of about 1623 km². There are a few resorts on this island attracting tourist from all over the world. Due to the remoteness of Sukawati Island, it is very quiet and peaceful. There are many bunkers left from World War II sinking in the sea around the island. They become interesting spots to dive.  


Batanta Island 

Batanta Island is one of the least explored islands in West Papua. The island is covered with rainforest and mountains near the coast accessing from the beach. Exploration of the island can be done boat. 


Waigeo Island 

Waigeo Island is the largest island of the four main islands in Raja Ampat. Waigeo is also known as Amberi or Waigiu Island. Waigeo is also home of various species, both the surface and under water. The island is filled with wild jungles mostly unexplored and inaccessbile. When you visit the island, you will find many wild jungles. Most of them are unexplored and inaccessible.



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