Diving Tips in Maldives


Largely unknown to most of the world before the 1970s, the natural beauty consisting of white, sandy beaches, warm waters, spectacular coral reefs, and diverse marine life around its numerous atolls of the Maldives, attracted more and more tourists every year, and has since been famous internationally as one of the world’s premier destination for diving holidays.

As with everything, diving in the Maldives has its tips and know-hows, and here are some of them worth taking note of.

Pick your season carefully

The period between January and April is generally considered the best season to go diving in the Maldives, due to the weather being calmer and thus has the best visibility compared to other times, although having little rain also means that the period is the hottest.

If sightings in great numbers of one of the most celebrated marine lives of the Maldives – the manta ray, are what you are after in a diving holiday, then consider going around October and November. Other than being slightly cooler, the higher plankton density attracts manta rays in large numbers. However, the plankton density also reduces visibility somewhat.

Try night diving

Diving at night in the Maldives will give you a glimpse of what night life is like down under. Other than seeing corals extending tentacles en masse to catch a bite, nocturnal ones like shrimps out finding food, phosphorescent plankton have waters glowing blue due to bioluminescent effect, you will also get to see rays, eels and sharks sleeping – all of which can only be found after the sun sets. 


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