Dive Sites Around Sipadan



Turtle Cavern is one of the highlights of Sipadan island thanks to its incredible geological formations and turtle skeletons. About 18m deep is the entrance to Turtle Cave. The cave first goes down in a bell shaped descent tunnel and leads to the lower chamber. Following the left side of the cavern will bring you in front of a tunnel. This tunnel is connecting Turtle Cavern with Turtle Tomb a small cave system which contains many turtle skeletons. This is due to the great number of turtles that they simply enter the cave and are unable to find the exit. This dive needs an experienced guide and special equipment.

Depth: 14-23 metres


Turtle Tomb is a special dive which every cave diver must see once in his life! Turtle Tomb is a cave system located after Turtle Cavern. There are several side tunnels and a small passage way near Barracuda PointTurtle tomb's floor is about 8m wide and is covered with a thick layer of white sand and dust composed of numerous turtle skeletons. The turtles couldn't find their way out and died from asphyxia. There is also the remains of a dolphin. This dive requires specialist equipment and an experienced local diver who knows the cave.

Depth: 17-23 metres
Visibility: 30 metres (100 feet)


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